The Feds were Serious about CPARs…Again!!!
In 2016 the 2nd highest number of CPARs were added to PPIRS in its 14 year history.

In 2016, the Federal Government “completed” 111K Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs). These CPARs (a.k.a “report cards”) were added to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) and are used to evaluate Contractor Past Performance for Federal Contract awards. The number of CPARs in PPIRS has risen drastically since 2014, when the Government added 213K CPARs, doubling the number added over the past 12 years! 

This screenshot includes page 6 of our original 2013 Past Performance Management (PPM) presentation, with 2016 updates, showing the explosive CPAR population growth over the last 3 years. For more details on what this means and how to manage your company’s reputation in the eyes of the Federal Government evaluators, please download the 15 page UPLLC PPM Presentation with 2016 CPARs Stats covering:

Past Performance Management (PPM)

Why Care?

  • Your Company’s Reputation Depends on it! - Including a Reputation Maturity Model
  • Government Influence – History of Federal performance systems tracking contractor performance
  • Recent RFPs – Examples of large Federal RFPs & their CPAR usage in evaluations
  • Increasing CPARs – Page 6 shown above demonstrating increasing CPARs trend

What Can You Do?

  • PPM - Maximize your Past Performance evaluations
  • PPI Data Sources - Both Source Selection Sensitive and Public
  • Reporting – For meaningful use and action

Who Should Be Involved – Company commitment, roles, functions, and value
Benefits – Results/benefits from PROactive PPM

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